Service and quality of workmanship from initial consultation to vehicle hand over.

Cotswold Classic Car Restorations large facility is fully equipped to deal with everything from basic resprays to projects requiring a full strip down and rebuild to as new condition. We work very closely with all our customers to ensure their exact requirements are met. Many of them will visit weekly for a coffee and a chat with the technician who is working on their car to discuss the latest progress.

Using experience gained over many years working on a wide range of cars including Marques as diverse as Aston Martin, Lancia, Jaguar, Maserati, MG, Chevrolet and Jensen we will be able to improve your car. For example, whilst rebuilding the body shell of your classic car we can make suggestions on how to avoid water leaks and rust trap areas to help prevent future corrosion and keep your classic body shell at its best. We can also develop engine and suspension performance to give improved handling and ride comfort or even fit a discrete satnav system.

Beauty in bare metal

Although its a lot of work and can reveal some previous poor repairs or corrosion that will need reworking bare metal resprays guarentee longevity and quality of final finish. CCCR records very carefully all repairs and the the techniques used to refinnish them, these records add greatly to the vehicles history and future value.

Maserati 3500 GTI

Proper preparation prevents poor performance! As with many things in life CCCR know that great paint work will be a result of the many hours of careful preparation made before.

Art house

The use of the latest paint technology ensures quality of finish every time whether using cellulose or two k paint systems

Scottish leather hand stiched

Our in-house trim shop is able to match not only the original colour of your interior but also texture and grain of the leather or, if you desire, use our colour swatches to create your own carpet/leather combination.

The beating heart

Attention to detail not only helps create a visual delight but also ensures reliability of operation. If parts are no longer available CCCR can reverse engineer and then remanufacture any item.

Final testing

Miles and miles of test driving, tough quality control standards and great after care service come as standard at CCCR

The point of it all!

Above is the very reason why we go to all the effort we do and why our customers own classic cars to enjoy them on the open road. Unlike modern motoring which has become sanitized by various legislation the right classic for you will reward all of your senses with sensations from the road surface, an aural sound track of mechanical harmony making you just want to prod the throttle, a mixture of smells from the countryside your driving through to the odd whiff of petrol oils and gases, and the sights of the beautiful bonnet to the glint of chrome in summer sunshine mixed with the knowledge that this is your classic car and unlike a modern expensive sports car that may be sneered at as an pretentious statement this car will only draw admirers who want to know what it is or those who remember them from years ago with found memories...


Thank you for the outstanding workmanship completed on my Jensen Interceptor. The Concours win at the 2013 Jensen Club International is a reflection of the passion and care taken by your team to present my car to such a high standard... READ MORE

Peter Harwood

I have now had paint work carried out by Cotswold Classic Car Restorations both on my 1960 Turner MK1 racing car and my 1969 Lotus Elan+2.I have been delighted with the help and advice received from Jonathan Wills and his team... READ MORE

Dr Charles Marriott