Rapide waiting for recommission next to a rare Vantage Manual DBS

The fast appreciating Lagonda Rapide for a long time many Aston owners were not even aware of the vehicles significance. This particular example arrived at CCCR in need of a engine rebuild and various body/chassis repairs to keep it road worthy however a colour change was soon decided not long after work commenced.

Engine out, a fairly straight forward job on the Astons with a fair amount of room to work in the engine bay.

After we had stripped the engine of all ancillaries and removed all block internals including cylinder liners we discovered that corrosion at the base of the cylinder liner/block seal would need tig welding to block interface.

Bearing shells worn through to the copper and scored crank in need of regrind.

The rather tired "Piper" electric window lift motors were beautifully engineered, using phosphor bronze bearings and a lift chain instead of a cheap piece of wire cord. Although the customer originally requested to replace them It seemed such a shame to replace them with a modern mass produced item so we set about working out how we could refurbishing them.

And here is how they looked after we had finished with them.

Pictured are the old and new parts. The Brass wheel half way up the chain is the switching trigger which contacts with the switches at the bottom of the unit.

Now installed, Note the wiring tensioner that the manufacturer used to help hold the door rigid when open.

Paint stripping the bonnet.

Taking the body of the car back to bright metal, stripping away years of previous repairs and spray jobs until we are back to what the body is made of...Aluminum!! A Corvette C1 is in the back ground.

Spare wheel well a mess, Note the link pipe that connects the two fuel tanks that are on either side behind the wheel arches.

A coat of satin black before retrim.

Body refinished and primed then door shuts painted first.

A panel from the old roof lining be measured and cut out. All the panels are then sewn together with great attention paid to sewing stitch tension and the number of stitches per inch to ensure originality and that the roof lining looks right when its held in place and is itself under great tension.

The roof lining with all the panels sewn together and the wooden ribs in place ready for the installation.

The roof lining being installed, all creases will eventually be removed simply by pulling tight and gluing into place. Wood ribs are screwed to steel frame work.

The Dash board was removed and re-veneered.

A absolutely beautiful, made to measure carpet set with correct square edged binding to all the corners. The CCCR team rejected two carpet sets produced by out side makers due to inaccurate carpet binding, in the end CCCR developed the IP itself to reproduce carpet sets exactly as they left Aston Martin in the nineteen sixties.

Boot re-trimmed and car assembled

Although not a full restoration 1077 PP really looks the part in its new coat of Dubonnet Rosso red!

Looking smart!