The Jaguar E-Type is known to be one of the most iconic and beautiful cars ever made, based on Jaguars own famed Le mans racer with monocoque construction it was a far cry from the previous XK range of Jaguar sports cars. This incredible car (A series three V12 version) came to CCCR for a bare metal respray With the paint having become faded and dull with evident signs of repair..

The first thing to do for after an initial assessment is to remove all external trims such as bumpers, door handles, lights and the hood from the car.

Panels stripped of all fittings and removed from vehicle body.

We can then get down to the dirty job of stripping the vehicle back to bare metal.

The team will have plenty of sweeping up to do once this is finished.

As we can see the body is overall in good condition making the next stages easier for everyone involved.

Can you spot the lead repairs on the body?

 An even distribution is paramount when the acid etch primer is applied.

The acid etch primer is continued across the entirety of the vehicle.

The same treatment takes place for any panels that have been removed from the car such as the doors and bonnet.

The body, panels and parts are now refinished and paint is applied once again.

With the respray complete its now time for the meticulous rebuilding of the cars trims and fittings.

Including the fantastic classic interior.

Finished, no wonder Enzo Ferrari called it " The most beautiful car ever made "