CCCR were extremely pleased to be commissioned to carry out a full restoration to this Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane. Arriving to our workshops in the poorest of states having been stored in a very wet garage since the mid eighties the extent of its decay became only became apparent during the stripping process

I really like the styling of this car, built just after the war it has a restrained air of class about it, not ostentatious but authoritative.

Martin Buckley Spotted this car in our yard and was so taken by the project he asked if he could write a feature about the project for Classic and Sports car magazine. His thoughts are in the article above.

The N/S door was being held together by the aluminum door skin, the water leak in the garage was evidently onto the N/S door as the O/S one was in much better condition.

No doubt about it the Siddeley affectionately nick named Sidney by the CCCR staff was in a poor state.

Rear accident damage had left a hole in the Ali rear body work.

The rescue begins! Safely into the CCCR works and keeping good company with a Aston Martin and XK150

Work starts in earnest....Including the technician inside the car that makes four!

Two puncture wounds to the body work.

Fuel tank removed weld repairs in the aluminum body require tig welding.

Perfect repair poor picture....