This very sad looking Alvis arrived at the CCCR workshops in November clearly in need of a total restoration. These historically significant cars are rising in value and for good reason to, they are beautifully well balanced in design, well engineered and have a string of celebrity owners past and present.

Within hours of coming into the CCCR workshops the CCCR team are making sense of the project

Some one started restoring this car many years ago but they were unable to complete, this then led to the cars condition regressing until a new owner was found years later.

The Alvis own design of engine will be mated to a five speed transmission during rebuild.

Severe corrosion and poor previous repairs.

New panel fabricated and welded into vehicle body.

More of the same.....

Double wish bone front suspension and disc brakes, these cars weren't just about style!

Beautifully rebuilt bare metal back panel.

Front suspension removed for overhaul

Rear wings being tacked together in the right place and second hand good quality doors gapped.

New wing panels are supplied as over sized panels

Panels and technical help kindly supplied by Chris Prince, a mine of information on these cars whose help and knowledge we are indebted to.